CT Producer License Numbers To Change Under New System effective Nov 9, 2021.

New Connecticut CE Requirements effective October 1, 2021
The new 24 credit requirement is 3 hours of Law/Regs/Ethics and 21 hours of ANY type of credits.
There is no longer a CE Flood requirement. However, newly licensed producers are required to complete a 3 credit flood program during their first compliance period.  This is a one-time only requirement.

Per the Connecticut Insurance Department, a course can be taken for CE one time in the current license period.  It may be taken again in a subsequent license period. 

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6/12/202310:00 AMABEN 3 Keys To Getting the Named Insured CorrectWebinar2 Gen...AB3KEY0623
6/12/202312:00 PMABEN 4 Key Personal & Commercial Lines ExposuresNA2 Gen...AB4KEY0623
6/15/202309:00 AMCerts & Add Insureds: What Did You Do To Deserve ThisWebinar3 Gen...CEP061523
6/15/202312:00 PMABEN Properly Calculating & Insuring the Business Income ExpWebinar2 Gen...ABPCBI0623
6/15/202301:00 PMFourteen Personal Lines Issues To Know Before It's Too LateWebinar3 Gen...CEP0615232
6/16/202310:00 AMABEN Why Bus Income Is the MOST Important Prop CoverageWebinar2 Gen...ABWBI0623
6/16/202312:00 PMABEN Why Certificates of Insurance - Just Why?Webinar2 Gen...ABWCOI0623
6/19/202308:00 AMABEN Rules for Developing the Correct PremiumWebinar2 Gen...ABRDCP0623
6/19/202309:00 AMABEN COVID-19 Litigation & Insurance IssuesWebinar1 LRE...ABCOVD0623
6/20/202308:00 AMABEN Understand the Importance of Ordinance or Law CoverageWebinar2 Gen...ABORDL0623
6/20/202310:00 AMABEN Gigs and Side Hustles - The Insurance IssuesWebinar2 Gen...ABSGIG0623
6/20/202310:00 AMABEN Understanding Trucking and Motor Truck InsuranceWebinar2 Gen...ABTRK0623
6/20/202301:00 PMHandling Commercial Claims & Coverage DisputesWebinar3 Gen...CEP0620232
6/21/202309:00 AMACSR 6 Commercial Property InsuranceWebinar6 Gen...CTACS60623
6/21/202312:00 PMABEN Ethical Leadership Is Impactful- Don't Tell Me, Show MeWebinar1 LRE...ABETLE0623
6/22/202301:00 PMClaims That Convince Your Insured To Enhance HO CoverageWebinar3 Gen...CEP0622232
6/24/202310:00 AMABEN How To Thrive In An Ever Changing Work EnvironmentWebinar1 Gen...ABTHRI0623
6/27/202309:00 AMAll Things Ethics: Agent Obligations, Standards and MoreWebinar3 Gen...CEP062723
6/27/202301:00 PMAdventures in Aging: Soc Sec & Other Ret Income SolutionsWebinar3 Gen...CEP0627232
6/27/202304:00 PMABEN Guiding Tenets of Ethical LeadershipWebinar1 LRE...ABGUID0623