CT Producer License Numbers To Change Under New System effective Nov 9, 2021.

New Connecticut CE Requirements effective October 1, 2021
The new 24 credit requirement is 3 hours of Law/Regs/Ethics and 21 hours of ANY type of credits.
There is no longer a CE Flood requirement. However, newly licensed producers are required to complete a 3 credit flood program during their first compliance period.  This is a one-time only requirement.

Per the Connecticut Insurance Department, a course can be taken for CE one time in the current license period.  It may be taken again in a subsequent license period. 

Live Webinars

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2/7/202309:00 AMCerts & Add Insureds: What Did You Do To Deserve This3 GeneralCEP020723
2/8/202309:00 AMABEN When Words Collide...Ins Coverage & Claim Disputes2 GeneralABWORD0223
2/9/202312:00 PMABEN Properly Calculating & Insuring the Business Income Exp2 GeneralABPCBI0223
2/9/202301:00 PMAdventures in Aging: Soc Sec & Other Ret Income Solutions3 GeneralCEP0209232
2/9/202303:00 PMGearUP! CT Legislative Wrap-up and Preview1 LRECTAVD0123
2/10/202302:00 PMABEN To Simply Comply or Truly Excel Ethically1 LREABSCOM0223
2/17/202304:00 PMABEN Guiding Tenets of Ethical Leadership1 LREABGUID0223
2/20/202308:00 AMABEN Understand the Importance of Ordinance or Law Coverage2 GeneralABORDL0223
2/20/202309:00 AMABEN COVID-19 Litigation & Insurance Issues1 LREABCOVD0223
2/20/202310:00 AMABEN Understanding Trucking and Motor Truck Insurance2 GeneralABTRK0223
2/21/202309:00 AMCyber Coverage: Protecting Your Insureds From Hackers & Bots3 GeneralCEP022123
2/21/202301:00 PMEthical Dilemmas in Insurance & Responsibilities of Agents3 GeneralCEP0221232
2/22/202309:00 AMACSR 2 Personal Automobile Insurance7 GeneralWACSR20223
2/23/202312:00 PMABEN Ethical Leadership Is Impactful- Don't Tell Me, Show Me1 LREABETLE0223
2/23/202301:00 PMMastering Business Income: Tools & Tips3 GeneralCEP0223232
2/24/202308:00 AMABEN 5 Contractor Coverage Concepts Agents Must Understand2 GeneralAB5CCC0223
2/24/202310:00 AMABEN 9 Rules for Reading An Insurance Policy Based on Law2 GeneralAB9RUL0223
2/27/202310:00 AMABEN Gigs and Side Hustles - The Insurance Issues2 GeneralABSGIG0223
2/28/202312:00 AMABEN Rules for Developing the Correct Premium2 GeneralABRDCP0223
2/28/202309:00 AMAgent's E&O: Duties, Best Practices, Op's, Workflows & Certs3 GeneralCEP022823