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ABEN Understanding Trucking and Motor Truck Insurance

ABEN Understanding Trucking and Motor Truck Insurance

INSTRUCTOR: Christopher Boggs
NY- 2 CE (PC,BR,C3,PA) NYCR-272836
CT - 2 CE (General) 6000116619

Trucking coverage and Motor Carrier coverage are very similar, but each is designed for different types of risks and somewhat different operations. This session focuses on the similarities of these coverage forms as well as the differences between them.

Primary vs. excess coverage is unique in trucking and motor carrier coverages because a contract can change the “natural order" of the policy. Which policy is primary and which is excess? It depends. And this can be different for the trailer. A key section of this class details primary vs. excess coverage.

What about the MCS-90? What does this endorsement do when it is attached to the policy? Many agents just throw it in without considering the ramifications. That's…bad. Learn the purpose and effect of the MCS-90

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6/20/2023 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
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